Manuscript Critique and Consultation

You have a finished manuscript. What should happen now?

Author Enterprises provides a critique and consultation service for authors.

Once you have finished the draft of your ms there are various options to securing a book deal and being published. Should you wish to pitch your work to an agent or publisher your ms and synopsis will need to be polished and professionally edited.

Not only can we appraise the synopsis and first three chapters of your work – and point out the strengths and weaknesses within a text – but we can also provide a consultation, over the phone or face to face, in relation to securing an agent or publisher for your book. Author Enterprises are here to advise and answer your questions.

The consultation will be with the CEO of Author Enterprises, Richard Foreman. Richard has worked with numerous bestselling and debut authors alike in developing both their ideas and manuscripts. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with agents and working as a publisher.

Fee for manuscript critique and consultation is £200.

Should you be interested in our editorial services for completed manuscript please get in touch too., by emailing Richard Foreman